CFA Merchant Service offer Financing for Furnitures in Houston, TX

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Are your customers having difficulty with purchasing your furniture?

Do you have customers eyeing on a sofa but cannot pay for it at that given moment?

"Surely, we can help you solve all those problems!"

Saving the Best Furniture with CFA Merchant Services

A home can never be complete without furniture! A living room cannot be without a couch and a bedroom cannot exist without a bed – it is the basic principles of home furnishing after all. Now, when it comes to visualizing the perfect house, most homeowners picture the interior of their properties, to match their lifestyle, character, and the specific ambiance they want to portray in the room; and sometimes, what they visualize in their minds can be difficult to attain in reality because prices of their desired furniture can get a bit pricey.

As a Home Furniture Company, it is your duty to give your clients what exactly they are looking for, in order to turn their dreams into a reality. In some cases, however, chances are that your clients do not have the money to pay for that item immediately. Now, if that piece of furniture is still available by the time they have the cash, then there is no problem.

Despite of this, you cannot disregard the fact that, there will be a time when a customer will not have enough money to pay for an item, that is either running low on stock, or is a special feature, and will never be manufactured ever again. When it comes to these kinds of situations, the customer might look elsewhere – which translates to a customer your company has lost. Luckily, we, at CFA Merchant Services, can help you and your customers find middle ground.


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Benefits with Working with Us!

Here, at CFA Merchant Services, we offer what we call, a NO CREDIT REQUIRED In-House Payment Program, which will help aid your customers purchase that perfect piece of furniture. With this program, it is certain that:

  • We will offer your customers up to $40,000 at no risk to you
  • Your customers will be able to get the service they need today and spread payments over an extended period of time!
  • We guarantee your customers' payment to your business 

All your customers have to do is show us proof of their identification via:

  • ID/Miltary State ID
  • Vaild Checking Account
  • Proof of Income

You will never have to turn away another customer! You can give us a call by dialing: 832-225-8034 and we will find ways to help you with your problems!

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