CFA Merchant Services Offer Financing for Funeral Homes in Houston TX

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Do you have clients facing difficulty when it comes to giving their loved ones a proper tribute?

Are they facing financial woes when it comes to giving their loved ones the final services?

"We’re here to Help Send off their loved ones properly!"

Give them their Final Farewells with CFA Merchant Services

Death is inevitable. As human beings, our life expectancy usually ranges below the three number mark. That is why, when it comes to living, we always want to live to the fullest. We want to make as many friends as we can, be financially stable – even until after retirement, visit numerous countries, and basically, cherish every memory we create whilst still walking in this planet.However, when someone you know dies, it is difficult to deal with such loss, and the memories with that person begin to resurface.

You know that when clients come in to your Funeral Home, their intentions are to give their loved ones a proper tribute before they send them to their final resting place. Even though the person has died, to them, s/he will always live on in their thoughts and hearts.

Now, knowing your clients still cherish their dearly departed friend, it is always right to give them the best service – to honor and respect the dead. Sadly, in most cases, people forget to invest in a funeral plan and once they are faced with such tragedy, they barely have enough to even purchase a well-made casket.

Sending their loved ones off  to their last home properly, is one way of showing how much they love and care for that person, even if s/he no longer walks on this earth, and here, at CFA Merchant Services, we can help you give them the perfect way to say their last goodbyes.

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Preparing the Easy and Simple Way!

Here, at CFA Merchant Services, we offer the best benefits your clients could ever receive! Each of our services is a NO CREDIT REQUIRED In-House Payment Program, and set your clients up with the following advantages:

  • Offer your clients up to $40,000 at no risk to you
  • Your clients will be able to get the service they need today and spread payments over an extended period of time!
  • We guarantee your clients' payments to you

All your clients need to do is present the following identification items, for an easy and simple transaction:

  • ID/Military State ID
  • Valid Checking Account
  • Proof of Income

Sending someone you love to the afterlife should never be difficult! Call us at: 832-225-8034 to know more about this kind of service!

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