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Want to get that airconditioning system fixed, but just don't have the money?

Are your customers unable to pay because of medical or other emergencies?

"Ensure that you can keep your cool and let us help!"


Like a home or automobile, buying a central heating and cooling system could be one of the largest investments you'd ever make. When you call for emergency air conditioning or heating service, you don't always have ready cash. And if your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace needs immediate replacement, the situation can be serious.

Keep your home and wallet comfortable

Heating and cooling account for more than half the energy use in the average home – so an efficient system can save you money while keeping you and your family comfortable. Using energy savings to finance your purchase is a smart way to pay for an investment. Our financing program provides flexible plans and payment options for home comfort solutions that suit and satisfy your needs and budget. Higher-efficiency systems may even qualify for potential utility rebates and other incentives, so you can start saving right away. Energy efficient systems aren't just good for your wallet – they can result in a reduced carbon footprint, since they use fewer natural resources. 

HVAC financing is available for anyone who wants to save money with an energy-efficient heating or cooling upgrade. Don't let a lack of good credit keep you from enjoying the benefits of high-efficiency heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces. Whether you need air conditioning, heat pump or furnace replacement when the old system breaks down, or you want to save money on monthly utility bills with an energy-efficient upgrade, we at CFA Merchant Services can definitely help.

Fast, Simple, Smart

By financing the purchase and installation of your home comfort system, you'll be cool and comfortable with low monthly payments. We’ll find the best solution for a monthly payment for your air conditioning financing or furnace financing that will make our energy-efficient systems even easier to afford, so you can breathe easy.


Finance Used Car Dealerships, the easy way!

We believe that everyone deserves comfort at the best price possible. So, to make things easier for your customers, we offer a NO CREDIT REQUIRED In-House Payment Program, which includes:

  • Offer your customers up to $40,000 at no risk to you
  • Your customers will be able to get the service they need today and spread payments for over an extended period of time!
  • We guarantee your customers' payment to your business

For a smooth and easier transaction, here are the requirements that your customers will need to provide:

  • ID/Miltary State ID
  • Valid Checking Account
  • Proof of Income


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